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Jak-Japan Matsuri 2017

Usually, we performed during Jak-Japan Matsuri every year.

However, I'm not going to perform Taiko this year. Because I'm still a bit anemia & have swollen feet.

Hopefully this year Jak-Japan Matsuri will be great...

My Performances Schedules - 2012

1. Yosakoi Soran 1 @ Jakarta Japan Club's New Year Party, Kempinski Hotel - 12 January
2. Taiko @ Kemchick, Pacific Place - 04 February
Taiko @ Univ. Dharma Persada - 12 February
4. Taiko @ Farmers Market, Mall Kelapa Gading 1 - 17 Maret
5. Taiko & Yosakoi Soran 1 @ Emporium Pluit - 01 April


My Performances Schedules - 2011

1. Yosakoi Soran 1-2 @ Jakarta Japan Club's New Year Party, Shangri-La Hotel - 13 January
2. Tako & Bon Odori @ St. Ursula - 30 January
3. Taiko @ Kemchick, Pacific Place - 12 February
4. Taiko @ Emporium Pluit - 27 March
5. Yosakoi Soran @ Metro TV's Indonesia's Sympathy for Japan, Jakarta Convention Center (Cenderawasih Room) - 9 April
          --> Showed on Saturday @ 9.30pm & Sunday @ 1.30pm
6. Yosakoi Soran @ Hard Rock Cafe - 17 April
7. Taiko & Yosakoi Soran 1-2 @ Bunderan H.I. - 24 April --> CANCELED due to Police's permission
8. Taiko @ Diamond, Mall Artha Gading - 7 May
9. Taiko @ SMAN 1, Bekasi - 22 May
10. Yosakoi Soran 1-2 @ Konser Amal untuk Mendukung Jepang (Charity Concert to support Japan), Hotel Nikko, Jakarta - 28 May
11. Taiko @ Gelar Jepang, Univ. Indonesia, Depok - 26 June
12. Taiko & Yosakoi Soran 1-2 @  Ennichisai, Blok M Square  - 9 & 10 July
13. Taiko & Yosakoi Soran 1-2 @ Universitas Dharma Persada - 17 July
14. Taiko @ Sen Yuurei no Matsuri (Senyuum), Pluit Village - 31 July
15. Taiko & Yosakoi Soran 1-2 @ Jak-Japan Matsuri 2011, Monas - 25 Sept

My Performances Schedules - 2010

1. Yosakoi Soran @ Jakarta Japan Club, Hotel Intercontinental - 11 Jan'10
2. Taiko @ Unsada Japan Fair - 1 Feb'10
3. B-Day party @ Pizza Hut, Sarinah - 18 Mar'10
4. Taiko & Bon Odori @ Margo City, Depok - 29 Mar'10

*Starting wearing PINKY happi*
5. Taiko @ Jak-Japan Matsuri, Monas - 7 Oct'10
6. Taiko @ International Day, Stella Marris School - 25 Oct'10
7. Taiko @ Gading Sports Mall - 31 Oct'10


My Performances Schedules - 2009

01. Yosakoi Soran @ Kempinski Hotel, 9th Jan'09
02. Taiko @ Maranatha University, Bandung, 14th March'09
03. Taiko, Bon Odori - Japan Matsuri @ Margocity, Depok, 29th March'09

04. Taiko - Japan Matsuri @ Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta,  26th April'09
05. Taiko @ Mysteriously Japan, STTB Lia, 6th July'09
06. Yosakoi Soran - Sakura Festival @ Monas, Jakarta, 15th Oct'09


My 2008's Taiko Performances Schedules

1. Mall Artha Gading, 23rd March'08
2. UPH - Karawaci, 17th April'08
3. NIKKO Hotel, 19th-20th April'08
4. Setiabudi Plaza - Bandung, 18th May'08
5. SMA 4 - Gambir, 21st June'08
6. STBA LIA, 28th June'08
7. WTC Mangga Dua, 5th July'08
8. YOSAKOI SORAN, Senayan Barat, 27th July'08
9. 3-in-1 (Yosakoi Soran, Taiko, Bon Odori), Universitas Dharma Persada (Unsada), 30th Aug'08
10. IndoMaru, Taman Anggrek Mall, 1st Nov'0811. Japan Indonesia Expo (JIE), Kemayoran, 8th Nov'08


KAT-TUN's songs for Combat?!?!

Hhhmmm..... I've been thinking about this for quite a while: "How about putting KAT-TUN's song into one of the Body Combat's tracks???"
Hehehehe..... *grin*

I join Body Combat for more than 2 years now after work and Saturdays. If I can make it on time from work, I usually go to the gym.
For all these years, I've been listening to the track songs they play during classes and most of them are nice English songs, such as: Avril Lavigne's GirlFriend (ev'time I listen to this song, it reminds me of ctKT), YMCA, etc.

Therefore, I've been thinking, how about putting other countries' songs into our classes, such as Japanese songs?!?!?!
Then I remember that I promise my instructors to give him a list of Japanese songs, such as L'Arc~en~Ciel and  of course, KAT-TUN.

But, I'm a bit confused, I'm not sure which songs should I include for the list??
I wanna put EVERY Kat-Tun's songs, but that won't be appropriate. But I really wanna put "Don't U Ever Stop" (DUES) to the list.

Let's make KAT-TUN more well-known in the gym...  Yaahhoooo.....!!!!

Minna-san, do you have any songs recommendations?

These were my 1st performances in for Matsuri Festival in NIKKO Hotel, Jakarta. Hontou ni omoshirokatta desu...
It's really kinchoshimashita 'coz we're performing in front of real Japanese people. Demo, suggoooiiii....
We really had fun, tanoshikatta desu yo...

On 19th April 2008, we performed at 4.00pm in the stage, before the Mikoshi. On the 20th April 2008, we performed at 6.00pm after the Mikoshi. It's really a different experienced to have perform inside a Japanese Hotel with Japanese people around you, 'coz Taiko's their traditional music instrument. We, the Taiko's teams, had to performed the best we could so that we're not embarrassed ourselves and especially our Takako sensei..

We performed our usual routine hits. Now, we could scream louder and louder. But, our faces were still no smile at all aka stressful faces. Wakakakakakak.....
Hhhmmm.... I think, we should improve our faces' expressions. We need to smile and put our happy faces while we're hitting the Taikos.